Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Cows Outside? Yes.

How can one not enjoy cheese?

Cheese! I’m not sure why we say it when we’re taking pictures, but I DO know that it’s a delicacy all over the world. One is able to experience it in a variety of flavors, sharpness, scents and textures. It is a food for the senses no doubt. Funny to think that in order to create it, bacteria has to be very hard at work. I believe that a little more healthy bacteria in all our systems would improve our lives more than we can understand.

But again on to the good stuff. Cheese. Kraft and store brands do not count, I’m sorry, but a cheese connoisseur would not approve of that as genuine. I’m talking about the kind that you only need a few bites to feel fully satisfied and the kind the French have for dessert. Several weekends ago my fellow lover of food, Dad, and I went to this cool farm called Bobolink Dairy to take delight in this thing we call Cheese.

Our excursion was sparked because we heard Bobolink Dairy had moved from Vernon, NJ to Milford, NJ [I cannot fathom how much work it is to move an entire farm, only Noah would have true empathy]. Bobolink Dairy is committed to raising and selling grass-fed beef, creating the delicacy of aged cheese and selling smoked duck. To put the cherry on top, they are quite seasonal, as a farm they have no choice. At Bobolink, one is able to purchase an entire calf and have it prepared by the farmers for the customers winter storage or summer if you choose. One is able to purchase fine cheeses (cave-aged cheddar is one of their bests in my opinion), and what cheese farm is complete without a brick oven to bake the crispiest and freshest bread.

While there, my dad and I bought about 3 pounds of excellent cheese; nearly perfect cheese, and some of the best I have ever tasted. Duck prosciutto, something I had never tasted before, was also made there. And BREAD! Again, not the store brand breads, bagged breads and precut loafs. This bread was freshly baked in a fire brick oven. We walked out of Bobolink with 5 ciabatta loafs and 2 cranberry-walnut sticks, though this clearly was not enough with the way my family enjoys authentic artisan bread.

On they way home, I just could not resist tasting one of the cranberry-walnut breadsticks. They were about 1.5 ft long and 3 inches in diameter. That breadstick was to me as blood is to a vampire... I ate the whole thing. Call me a glutton if you choose, I say I’m just treating my taste buds to what they’ve been missing all these years. While driving back home we enjoyed the drive, the smells of fresh bread filling the car and snacking on cheese that we could just not resist. Before reaching home, we picked up some farmstand grape tomatoes that were first sour then sweet in your mouth. Bodily chemistry is amazing how it reacts to food.

If bread and cheese is your particular thing, check out Bobolink Dairy in Milford, NJ. It’s a beautiful drive and well worth the excursion. As one of my closest friend’s grandmother says, “Food is Love,” which I do not beg to differ. Enjoy :)