Sunday, April 25, 2010

NYC... So Much to See

Yesterday was a splendid kind of day.

As each of us know, jobs and daily living can retard us from going places that we'd like to whenever we'd like to, but this Saturday was not one of those days.

Several friends and I took a trip to the famous East Coast City, NYC. 5 of us piled into my friend Tiffany's cute mazda and drove East on 80 to take us to the big apple, singing random songs and laughing hysterically almost all the way there. It was a much needed trip for all of us.

We had lunch at Heartland Brewery near the Empire State Building and tasted some beer samplers. That was enough to satisfy our appetite along with some good pasta dishes and burgers. After this, we walked around for quite some time and found ourselves moseying on over to good old Times Square. We window shopped and then moved on. We pondered if we should pay for a horse and buggy ride, but decided against it and settled for a short stroll and rest in Central Park instead.

We finished the day in Greenwich Village with a delicious belgian waffle and warmed ourselves in the local starbucks where people watching is a sport. The end the day a man came up to me singing E-I-E-I-O... I like your hat!

What a refreshing day with loved ones.

1 comment:

  1. ooo what a fun fun day!!
    i love that you sampled beer. for some reason it makes me all sorts of giddy and happy.
    i do hope the singer-man was cute! or at least hilariously dressed!! :)