Friday, June 24, 2011

Featured Artist


I once heard a lecture discussing the relativity of beauty, and the question has it been lost? I think there is beauty everywhere; lost is not the problem, but sometimes we are missing it in our lives. A beautiful God created beautiful things. Nature, talents, personalities, people. Beauty is just dancing around us and often we do not take time to notice.

My intention, in part in this blog, is to bring your attention to beauty as my eye sees it. I'm going to begin a monthly series focus on an eye capturing artist and share their talents with you. I hope your eye will begin to appreciate the beauty I see.

Can't wait to share the first artist. Just waiting for her permission to be featured. Hang tight.

Loves in Ohio: Pt. 5

Time for a Wedding

When I first met her in third grade, I told her to get out of my seat. She went home and told her mom that there was a mean girl at school that yelled at her to get out of her desk. And that was the beginning of our friendship.

Ironically our names are both Cassandra, though her name is pronounced with a long 'a' sound. And yes, there is a difference. We had spent many fun years together in NJ, playing with dolls, using our imaginations and riding bikes down to the corner market for slurpees. These were our epic adventures.

The college years came along, as did boys, one in particular captured her heart. He treasured her and loved her more than himself, and she did the same. From the moment she mentioned him to me about how he treated her, I could tell there was something different about him for her; that he might possibly be the one for her. Two years later they were engaged to be married.

The wedding ceremony and reception were in a lovely location called Franklin Park Conservatory; just divine for a summer wedding as the roses bloomed and the greenery was lush and vibrant. They were married as the sun began it's setting, the perfect setting. It was the beginning of their life together.

Congratulations to my sister and brother-in-law.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Loves in Ohio: Pt. 4

A Bride to Be Bash

My childhood friend was getting married, and as the Maid of Honor, I had a responsibility to make the bride to be bash a fun night.

Being all the way in NJ and having only graced Columbus a few times in my life, I was on the internet hunt to search for a fun restaurant to celebrate.

I'm quite the adventurous eater, as some of you may know, but it was important to find a place snazzy, delicious and appealing to everyone. Italian seemed to be the best option, but with an upscale venue rather than family atmosphere. Due Amici in downtown Columbus was right on target for what would be appealing to all. They serve everything from pizza to tender and juicy steak. The mixed drinks were classy and the wine list was not too overwhelming.

We dressed up for this special occasion. The bride wore a hot pink dress and did look hot! Sorry men, she's taken. He liked it and put a ring on it.

Dressing up is quite fun

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Loves in Ohio: Pt. 3

Ice Cream Flavors of Biblical Proportion.

Only one place in all of Columbus, Ohio, has such fantastic ice cream of epicurism flavor.

Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams.

Located in downtown Columbus in the short north area, a very fun artistic area, we enjoyed ice cream flavors like:

Bourbon Buttered Pecan
Brambleberry Crisp
Pistachio and Honey
Rhubarb and Lime Cardamom
& My favorite
Riesling Pear
(Anything with wine attracts me)

Enjoy these pictures of our little outing :)

(Here we first see personalities, then a tower of ice cream, and the joy of eating it)

(Cute friends posing with Jeni herself, and the rest of us enjoying the sunny decor)

Loves in Ohio: Pt. 2


Screeching tires added more skid marks to the runway as I landed in Ohio for the first time in two years. It's hard to believe I spent three years of my life in this place. I landed in a very different setting than I went to school, further away from the corn (believe me, I did not mind).

I was antsy to get off the plane, and thankful it was a small one. No long lines to wait on to exit. Soon I would be seeing some of my best friends from college and enjoying a perfect day with them. College friends are the friends you always hear people talk about before you even get to college. They are the friends you get to know quickly, and they as well take the time to know you well quickly. You are people growing together and learning about yourself; starting new journeys with each other by your side.

Two lovely girlfriends me me at the passenger pick up. I was waiting eagerly for that blue hyundai to pull around the bend so I could start waving frantically looking like the eccentric me I like to be at times. Here it came, the blue hyundai filled with two friends, and I could not help but grin ear to ear. We quickly threw the luggage into the car, hugged deeply and hopped in the car to zoom off to Tasi's Cafe for brunch. It was a reunion.

Here we are after feasting on wild berry, apricot and strawberry jam, greek style eggs and a few mimosa's later :)

I bet you cannot wait to read about our epic Ice Cream Adventure.
It's Up Next.

Loves in Ohio: Pt. 1

Three years goes very quickly when you get to spend it with people you love and love you. It has been two years since graduation and finally I was able to touch ground again in Ohio. Other than friends, I did not have a good reason to trek back to the land of corn. Believe me, after living for three ears (I mean years) in and around corn fields, I had my fill. But, it was time to go back for a couple of reasons:
  • The Extravagant wedding of my childhood sister/friend
  • To spend time with one amazing group of friends
  • AND... for a little adventure
The next set of posts will be about my Ohio adventures in the first week of June 2011. I am my grandmother's daughter and my family friend's niece. Like them, I cannot help but shed tears every time I leave loved ones and only wish we could all live in one neighborhood for eternity. This will never happen (although I have heaven to anticipate wonderfully) for me, so time well spent with loved ones holds very heavy weight to my life and my living. This week endowed this to me.