Thursday, June 16, 2011

Loves in Ohio: Pt. 2


Screeching tires added more skid marks to the runway as I landed in Ohio for the first time in two years. It's hard to believe I spent three years of my life in this place. I landed in a very different setting than I went to school, further away from the corn (believe me, I did not mind).

I was antsy to get off the plane, and thankful it was a small one. No long lines to wait on to exit. Soon I would be seeing some of my best friends from college and enjoying a perfect day with them. College friends are the friends you always hear people talk about before you even get to college. They are the friends you get to know quickly, and they as well take the time to know you well quickly. You are people growing together and learning about yourself; starting new journeys with each other by your side.

Two lovely girlfriends me me at the passenger pick up. I was waiting eagerly for that blue hyundai to pull around the bend so I could start waving frantically looking like the eccentric me I like to be at times. Here it came, the blue hyundai filled with two friends, and I could not help but grin ear to ear. We quickly threw the luggage into the car, hugged deeply and hopped in the car to zoom off to Tasi's Cafe for brunch. It was a reunion.

Here we are after feasting on wild berry, apricot and strawberry jam, greek style eggs and a few mimosa's later :)

I bet you cannot wait to read about our epic Ice Cream Adventure.
It's Up Next.

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  1. cassie, did i miss you? how long are you in ohio? what a GREAT group of girls in this shot! :) julie