Thursday, June 16, 2011

Loves in Ohio: Pt. 1

Three years goes very quickly when you get to spend it with people you love and love you. It has been two years since graduation and finally I was able to touch ground again in Ohio. Other than friends, I did not have a good reason to trek back to the land of corn. Believe me, after living for three ears (I mean years) in and around corn fields, I had my fill. But, it was time to go back for a couple of reasons:
  • The Extravagant wedding of my childhood sister/friend
  • To spend time with one amazing group of friends
  • AND... for a little adventure
The next set of posts will be about my Ohio adventures in the first week of June 2011. I am my grandmother's daughter and my family friend's niece. Like them, I cannot help but shed tears every time I leave loved ones and only wish we could all live in one neighborhood for eternity. This will never happen (although I have heaven to anticipate wonderfully) for me, so time well spent with loved ones holds very heavy weight to my life and my living. This week endowed this to me.

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