Saturday, June 18, 2011

Loves in Ohio: Pt. 4

A Bride to Be Bash

My childhood friend was getting married, and as the Maid of Honor, I had a responsibility to make the bride to be bash a fun night.

Being all the way in NJ and having only graced Columbus a few times in my life, I was on the internet hunt to search for a fun restaurant to celebrate.

I'm quite the adventurous eater, as some of you may know, but it was important to find a place snazzy, delicious and appealing to everyone. Italian seemed to be the best option, but with an upscale venue rather than family atmosphere. Due Amici in downtown Columbus was right on target for what would be appealing to all. They serve everything from pizza to tender and juicy steak. The mixed drinks were classy and the wine list was not too overwhelming.

We dressed up for this special occasion. The bride wore a hot pink dress and did look hot! Sorry men, she's taken. He liked it and put a ring on it.

Dressing up is quite fun

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  1. all of you ladies looked beautiful! looked at the wedding pics on fb, so gorgeous! so happy you got to share the day with the stunning bride!