Sunday, January 9, 2011

Phantom of the Opera

A man comes through the theatre doors and adds to the already excited, anticipatory crowd just waiting to be let into the Magical Majestic Theatre. He explains the procedure of what needs to be done as we walk into the theatre, he pokes some fun and riles us up for a Night at the Opera. It was our family Christmas present this year to see a Broadway Musical and our choice was naturally Phantom of the Opera.

The obsession for my Dad wanting us the see this musical began when my brother Derek and I were just of kinder age. Our family vacations took place in Atlantic Beach, NC, where part of the vacation consisted of us going to a child's amusement park called Jungle Land. It was here that may Dad heard the Overture music, from Phantom, playing from a speaker behind a fake gorilla that gave him the desire to have us see the play.

Finally we are let into the theatre. A quick check of our bags, to be sure we're not going to pirate the musical, and we were brought to our seats. "Chips, Water, Wine," an usher speaks eloquently as the audience is seated. As we wait, I look around at the Majestic. The stage props are protected by flowing fabrics to keep the surprise of the play, but the theatre was maintained visible and stunning; I somehow forgot I was in NYC and could not wait to become part of this musical as I interacted in my imagination from my seat.

Women's jewels were the only thing left glittering as the lights dimmed, indicating the time had come; the show MUST begin. After the introductory scene at the auction, the stage curtains began to move away in harmony with the haunting overture music and began to enchant our souls, latching onto something deep inside and intwining me in the story line. I was hooked instantaneously. Words cannot describe the symphonic masterpiece of Andrew Lloyd Webber in the Phantom of the Opera.

Throughout the entire musical I felt more drawn into the performance with each breath of the operatic voices. It was hard not to feel as if you were part of the performance. But as the show much begin, the show also comes to an end. I would recommend this musical to all who appreciate beauty in song and dramatic performances. It was fabulous.

Our night ended with dinner together as a family and was an evening touched by magic.

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