Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Featured Artistry : JULY : Meli Nadia

As promised, I have begun a new blog subject entitled “Featured Artistry” in which I will focus monthly on one artist whom I enjoy and admire. This will be anything from music, to art, photography, crafting, landscaping, pottery, etc.

July’s artist is Meli Nadia Photography

{An International Wedding & Lifestyle Photographer}

Her blog states “She loves the feel of memory,” and that memory is what drew her towards photography. She is based in Germany, but proudly supports her passport to Italy.

I found Meli Nadia via facebook from a German friend, and was captivated by her work from the moment I clicked through the photo albums. Her photography is whimsical and full of life. Love and joy exudes from her work and she truly has a skillful eye. She captures the little moments full of grandeur emotion. She knows when to snap the shutter to capture the memories that will forever be in people’s hearts.

If you liked these two photos by Meli Nadia, check out her blog and the Meli Nadia Facebook Page. She wants nothing more than to share memories.

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