Monday, January 11, 2010

It's Monday... the day after Sunday which is the day I picked up five newspapers just practically spewing out coupons, comics and all the articles you could imagine. But, beneath the discounts and catchy phrases I headed for one section alone...


I lied on the floor of my living room, newspapers sprawled all around me like walls that no one could pass through, and the search began. With my green highlighter and bold black pen in hand I read carefully through the size 4 font to find the jobs that interested me. Looking all through those classifieds can be as the sea; my emotions go high and low like the tide as I find things I like and then read about opportunities I am not yet qualified for, or am I. You see, that's the tricky thing, we tend to second guess our own abilities and skills, rethinking what we have written on submitted applications and replaying our interview conversations over and over in our minds. Our conclusion... we always could have done better.

So... at the end of the search I've applied to four different positions today, hoping to hear back from at least one of them to boost my confidence, but sometimes that doesn't happen and I need to keep pressing on. Tonight, after mental exhaustion from trying to write the perfect cover letters I watched the movie Julie and Julia, a delightful end to the evening. What a better way than to watch someone cook who's excellent at it and has fun with it. I LOVE FOOD TOO :) I've been inspired by my dear friend Jessica whom I love very much.

And now, before I sleep, I talk with a friend on the phone and gear up for the day tomorrow.
Goodnight beautiful day!

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  1. Love that movie! I've been inspired to de-bone a duck and make that beef dish (I won't attempt to spell it!)