Sunday, January 17, 2010

Today it Happened

I'm going to tell you something quirky about myself.

Whenever I hear a repeated noise such as a clock ticking, a finger tapping, a person breathing, chewing or walking I tend to make a beat out of it in my head. I have always done this since I could remember. On some occasions it drove me crazy listening to my clock tick at night because I just couldn't fall asleep. The many combinations of beats I could make kept me going. I do this when I'm walking too, and sometimes I match my steps with my breathing patterns. Call me strange, abnormal weird or cool, but it's just a quirk of mine.

Well, Today is happened! Something I always do while driving in the rain and simultaneously playing music is trying to match the movement of my windshield wipers to the beat of the song perfectly. Today IT HAPPENED :) This will most likely never happen again, but for today, the motion matched the beat for the entire song. I was so happy; I feel almost that I have accomplished something.

The next thing I desire to see is turn signals from 2 different cars blink at the exact time. When this happens I'll be sure to mark that day too.

Au revoir :)


  1. I just had that happen a few weeks ago when I was in the car with Jon. Being a drummer, you notice these things. I didn't even try to make it happen, but while talking to Jon, I stopped and remarked "Hmm, look at that, the wipers are going in time with the music!" Funny!

  2. haha thats amazing! i'm always trying to make my blinker tick to the rhythm of my music but that has yet to happen.

  3. Cool! Never thought about that before, but I sure will now!!!

  4. haha don't feel weird; i do that too! and the windshield wiper thing has totally happened to me before too! it's also happened with the turn signal clicking perfectly in time with the music i was listening to. oh, the little joys. the little parallels of life.