Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Yummy Yummy Chicken in Wine

Today I found out that the job I was accepted to interview for requires me to work on Sunday. Needless to say, I turned it down, but it left me pretty sad. I was disappointed and needed to channel that energy somewhere. So I painted my room, the first coat at least, and then I cooked an amazing dinner. I'm just so proud of my work :)

As you know, I love food and have been discovering more and more how much I love it. I engaged all 5 senses today while cooking and that's the way it should be. Though I wasn't sure what I wanted to cook tonight, I decided to poke around the internet and see what kind of french foods tickled my taste buds.

(Here are my ingredients and then all of them cooking)

I clicked on a link that said entrees and voila... Coq Au Vin caught my interest. It consists of chicken thighs and legs combined with onions, blanched bacon (Yes... I did blanch something for the first time today and was amazed), parsley, thyme, salt + pepper, chicken stock and red wine. When I first began this adventure I needed to blanch the bacon to rid it of saltiness. Mostly the bacon is browned and the grease is used for cooking. Next the chicken and onions are browned for about 10 mins, and once browned well on all sides, I added the chicken stock and red wine. Oh yeah, and right before that the garlic, parsley and thyme are added for more aromas and flavor :) I let this cook for about 20 minutes meanwhile cutting potatoes to prepare them for boiling and chopping mushrooms for the last and final step... sauce. Once the chicken was done I strained everything from the pan, leaving just the wine sauce and added the chopped mushrooms. I reduced this then added everything to the pan again.

Served over potatoes or noodles, this tastes delicious. Go ahead, give it a try. It only took me about 2 hours haha.

(Finished Product)

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  1. i ended up making baby hamburgers and then using some leftover pasta to make a garlic/tomato/green pepper mix. i'm learning to be bold in my use of garlic. loading it in.
    your stuff looks so much better lol. can you come work for me when i open my restaurant???