Monday, February 1, 2010


Since the recent news about the visiting group of people in Haiti charged for possible exploitation of orphans, I've been thinking a lot about adoption. I first want to say that if in fact these people were just trying to help, I commend them. BUT... I also think they rushed to conclusions by thinking that taking them out of their home country and providing them with what seemed to be a better life filled with tennis courts and swimming pools would have been better for them. With false advertisement such as this, these children are in for a big disappointment upon arrival to the US; for growing up they are sure to realize that cars and fancy clothes are not what brings true happiness. Yes, I absolutely believe that life is a precious breath from God and that each life deserves love and care, especially these children and families who are in turmoil in Haiti, but will adoption outside of Haiti be what's best for them? The Haitian life is all they have known; the language, the food, the heat, the rhythm and the people. By bringing them to the states we separate them from family members, loved friends and their roots.

Is there not more individuals can do for them in their homeland?

People are willing to bring these babies across the seas to live in their homes, but who is willing to go there for their lifetime and help them in their home? Please understand that I am for adoption, but I am trying to better understand what are the alternatives. It does not fix all things for these kids and they may not always be happy, or maybe they will be. I am just disappointed that this group of people went to Haiti in hopes of bringing back dozens of children for adoption (if that's what they were in fact doing) without seemingly putting a lot of thought into it.

So what are our alternatives? Well for starters, there is desperate need for aid over there in terms of helping to reconstruct their country. But on a smaller scale maybe you're willing to go over there to foster children in their home country and work at an orphanage, or start another orphanage with the help of the natives. Maybe you have the funds to do so and help provide decent education for these children as the country develops. We here live in surplus sometimes. We are to love our neighbor as ourselves, but first of all love our Lord God with all we have. If we do then love our Lord God with all we are, we will begin to see how much he loves and in turn be filled with that love to offer to others. It's truly a God-given, life-living love .


Psalm 23:5
"You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies, you anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows."

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