Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Prayer Answered & Adventure Beginning

Christ said, "Do Not Worry." So Don't.

If you ask me, it seems like we humans like to complicate things... A lot. Why don't we more often listen to Christ who has told us not to worry? Matthew 6:25-34 is scripture I have held onto very tightly in my heart and mind this past year. I wasn't sure where I would be after my graduation in May "09 and even before that I had no clue. I did know that it would be extremely different than what I had planned for myself.

Throughout the summer I had some here and there jobs, took time off to live at Canadian L'Abri, and then the intense job search began. Though I majored in social work, I wasn't sure that it was something I wanted to have as a profession. Confusion swept through me and all I could cling to was God. He kept reminding me not to worry, that He will always provide, and I trusted and continue to trust Him. Career builder became my friend, I became an expert letter writer, have perfected my resume and my phone bill nearly went up with all the calls I made in persistence to agencies. Still nothing amounted for three months. This week all that changed.

Yep, I got a Job :)

Last week I walked into a beautiful hotel (I'll keep the name a secret online for privacy purposes, but ask in person and I'm happy to tell) and got an interview on the spot, which I was not expecting. It went so well and I walked out feeling so confident and excited. The job as a guest services agent just seemed fitting for me, but the following week was the longest week in my history. Four times I had called the hotel back and left two messages, only to finally be in touch with the office manager yesterday (3/9) who then offered me a second interview for today. Today went super, and I was "Welcomed Aboard," as the new guest services agent, as stated by the office manager.

I have so much thankfulness to God, who has promised to provide. This job is just a bonus because I already have all and more than I need.

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