Monday, March 29, 2010

Sounds of Spring

Spring. Though often wet and gloomy, Spring is the beginning of beautiful awakenings.

If you listen you will hear creation sing.

The natural alarm clock of a bird singing her song from my back woods greets me each morning. The lukewarm breeze drifts in through the slight opening I have from my window and refreshes me. Throughout the day I get to see robins looking for food and other small animals jumping from limb to limb in the branches, excited to be out of hibernation. Sometimes the deer will graze in our backyard and from time to time our black bears roam through our neighborhood. As the sun begins to set, these lovely creations seem to know it's time to settle down for the night. They may puff up to warm themselves as the last of the suns beams stream towards them before heading "home." Each night is my favorite. I sit nestled in my bed, with a good book in hand and the glow of my bedside lamp on me; the tree frogs are emerging from the frozen mud and sing their song of chirps. On a cool, rainy night I'll leave my window open as the steady trickle of rain lulls me to sleep.

God was so correct when He said all creation would sing to Him even if we chose not to.

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