Monday, March 8, 2010

Surrounded by Diapers, Sippy Cups and the Occasional Fart

And no, I'm not talking about babies, though yes I have four baby cousins. I'm talking about that sad part of life called old age.

My grandparents' (Mom's parents) bodies are preparing to return to dust. It's a difficult thing to watch at times, but more than anything at this time I am reminded about how our lives are not our own. Just as babies require adornment, love and attention for every squeak and squawk they make, the dear elderly our culture has so ashamedly pushed to the curb craves the same thing. For starters, I cannot imagine what it must be like seeing yourself change, age and become... well... different than you ever imagined yourself to be. The most difficult part of it is knowing that this we cannot change. All we can do is love them and offer them the respect and honor they are due.

Just as babies, my grandparents crave attention and love; they MUST know that they will be cared for till the day they pass. Babies need that love and affection. They rely on their mother to feed them and would not survive if adults chose to ignore their cries. Like with babies, the same is with the elderly; again those caring for them need to understand that their lives are not their own. I often think of my parents and all they have offered and sacrificed to give so much love to us, so much TIME to us, the two greatest gifts. My parents life is like a cycle; they have birthed my brother and I, raised us, saw us through the awkward years and
let us cry on them in the heartache years. They taught us to seek the Lord in all our endeavors and to walk with confidence and live with a side of adventure. They saw us off to college and lost us for four years as we immersed ourselves in studies and building life long relationships with friends and significant others. They've seen us walk across the graduation stage with misty eyes and a heart pounding in their chests with pride. And just when they thought it was over... their very own parents, the ones who have done the same for them as they have done to us, begin to pull a Benjamin Button.

Children need their parents and in turn parents will need their children.

Let us not be fools; let us give up what we have to find our lives in Christ, knowing that this is how life is. I promise it will not be empty, I promise there will be difficulties, but I promise that it will not be in vein... It will all be for the glory of our God, in whom our hope lies.

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