Friday, March 5, 2010

Bringing home the Benjamin (yes... singular)

TGIF... and Today is p-p-p-payday!!!

Ok, so maybe I'm not brining home the big bucks, but having a $100 dollar bill in my hand always makes me feel a tiny bit wealthy for a moment. For that moment, $100 is change in my pocket, soon after, it becomes just a foundation for my bank account which will diminish quickly for gas, loans and food. Money goes quick, but there are always ways to have fun without spending tons of money.

For those frugalistas out there, try these things this year to save a penny and share the love:
  • Musical houses: Instead of eating at restaurants share the cooking rights with friends; Get a group of friends that like to cook and love to eat and rotate the cooking responsibilities each month. Maybe you can find 5 friends, and every weekend eat one meal at their house. You'll be able to spend time together, laugh and pray, and try new foods.
  • Take a hike! There is nothing quite better than enjoying nature (at least in my book). Who needs a gym membership during the warmer months when you have the great outdoors to explore. Choose a new trail each week to explore with friends or someone special, or to escape and find time alone.
  • Movie Time: Rent a movie and make it a big deal at your house. Have snacks and drinks that play off the movie's theme and dress up to match the era of the movie.
  • Campfires and S'Mores: What ever happened to just doing nothing? Take a time-out once in a while, invite friends and have a campfire. You can do the trad s'more or roast a hotdog. Take it one step further and pitch a tent for the night; check out the stars and listen to the silence. It clears the mind and you'll feel like you've just had a mini vacation.
So give it a try this year. Riches are not always tangible, and true riches never fade away.

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  1. cute pic girl, looks like you're loaded! :)
    good "on a budget" suggestions. funny how the more cost-effective, inexpensive activities tend to be more relationship oriented/personal than more expensive activities.
    keep the bloggin up girl, i read. :) -jul