Monday, March 1, 2010

The Name Change

Well, as you can see I've changed the name of my blog. I Love it. The first name I had wasn't really what I LOVED, but now I do really love this name. This past extended weekend my parents and I were visiting my brother Derek at Palm Beach Atlantic University, in West Palm Beach, FL, and I was just inspired by the forget-me-not waters that reflected the sky and the freely swaying palms in the soft breezes. That trip was just what the doctor ordered. The ocean winds were so gentle on my skin and recharged me for the remainder of this winter.

I love this new name and new picture for my blog, which I did take btw. Looking at this picture makes me think of how big this world is, what is out there and the possibilities. Though you or I will never be able to take part in all that we dream of, we can still dream. This little bird just looks like he's dreaming of all that flying space out above the ocean, and all the places he can go, and I too sometimes do the same thing; looking out my window, flipping through a travelers magazine, seeing beautiful gardens, clothing, art, people and thinking how though I'd love to, I will never be able to do all that I'd dream.

But may I leave you with this. Be inspired. There is so much beauty out there in so many forms:
. Photography . Painting . Music . Walking . Loving . Surfing . Gardening . Life .

This Spring I urge you to try something new. It doesn't have to be huge, but maybe you want to venture into cooking, building a shed, take more walks. Whatever it is, be yourself and be unashamed knowing God made you with the desires you have that are good to bring honor to Him. This Spring I'm picking up gardening. We'll see what I can grow and how it turns out. I think I waste more time than use it properly to be able to enjoy things as God intended for me, and the same to you. God has given me an ocean to fly above and sometimes all I do is sit on that twig wishing I was out there. GO!

That's all for now. Balmorhea has soothed me to sleep.

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