Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Praise Among the Palms

Barbados - Day 2


7:30 in the morning. This is the time our Christian brother Willie picked us up from our villa for church. Now normally I’m used to 11:00am services scheduled from about one to one and a half hours longs. New Dimensions Ministries began at 8:00am and ended, well, when it ended. I didn’t know what to expect.

Willie and his lovely wife Dreena drove us to church with them. The church building was located in an old warehouse and the congregation size was about 1,500 people (this is just to give you a picture of how big the building was, because truthfully, numbers don’t create worship). As we arrived, a beautiful harmony of voices was already spilling out from the church. Neighbors near and far could hear the singing because there were huge doors located on all sides of the building, allowing fresh air to circulate within. Willie and Dreena lead us in and told us we needed to sit near a fan because it does get hot... not a problem.

So maybe to your disappointment I won’t go into details of how the entire church service was because even in my own heart I fear I will compare thinking this church is better in this area than this church in this area, etc. But If I do this, where has my focus lingered to? I will share that New Dimensions has a body of believers that I would love to grow to know; hospitality is present in this church and glory was given to the King to whom it belongs. Honesty was very present; deep struggles were shared and the power of Christ was viewed as His alone. Walking from this church helped me take a look into my own heart and the Lord faithfully encouraged and reminded me of His presence and realness. As I grow and take new steps in life, questions arise, but I am more assured that He is alive, His word is living and He allows me to come with questions and doubts. He is a very GREAT God.

After our church service, it was time for our family to stock up on a week’s worth of food. The supermarket is smaller than at home, but has everything and yet still more than we needed: chicken, herbs, pretzels and chips, locally grown vegetables and pure sugar from sugar cane. Oh yeah, and some rum for rum punch. Cooking at home is always nice being it saves money and you can enjoy each other’s company without having to go far.

This day was complete with a swim at the pool to cool each of us off and relax us before heading to bed. Derek is still so sleepy, but he’s adjusting better now. Tomorrow we look forward to a day spent wisely at the beach.


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