Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Today, Let's Go All Over the Place

Barbados - Day 3


Each morning being here I have woken up with the sun. The sun rises early in Barbados, or so it seems, and doesn’t let you get a late start with the day. It’s nice waking up early to greet the day and hear the birds singing so beautifully. The smell of rich mahogany drifts up to my nose as the breeze whisks through the doors and is so delightful.

This morning I was awake before the rest of my family. I sat on the veranda from the room and read for a while, which I most enjoyed, then soon made myself ready for a day spent on the beach and in the clear waters.

After a little breakfast I took a stroll to the beach staircase and gradually made my way down, admiring the sun kissed waters and swaying palms each step of the way. There were very few people on the beach at 8:00 o’clock in the morning, but the few there enjoyed the morning by the sea with their books alone and some with a friend. The line of chairs and umbrellas were set up by the beach staff around 5:00 o’clock in the morning, and seemed to wait with anticipation for some souls to plunge into them. I first walked towards the water to feel the warm temperature, then turned to face these beckoning lounge chairs. Hmm... which one should I choose? But soon made my pick. I walked up towards the cushioned blue lounge chair, covered it with my towel, positioned it toward the sun and lied down with a book in hand. The sound of the water beating the pink sands and tall, limestone cliffs just relaxed me even further. A few hours later in the day, Mom, Dad and Derek joined me. We swam and continued to be soothed, until I did get quite burnt. Eh... what should I expect for being so fair.

I was glad to get an early start on the day because that day we planned to eat lunch at Sandy Lane Country club: a beautiful golf course grille that overlooks the course and even further the ocean. The meal there was excellent and the people were very kind. My family and I enjoy food, especially my Dad and I, so whenever we get to tickle our taste buds, we are as pleased as punch. For my meal, I enjoyed some excellent smoked, thinly sliced salmon on a toasted wheat bagel accompanied with cream cheese, capers and sliced raw, red onion. Makes for quite a refreshing lunch. I truly do believe food is a gift in many ways. Not only does it fuel you, but the colors, when admired, bring pleasure to the eye, the textures and tastes bring enjoyment to the mouth, and the smells can rehash the greatest memories due to our most fascinating olfactory glands. Isn’t it incredible how God has created all that we can eat and how we can also enjoy this? And, food in it’s simplest forms has the most exuberant flavors. If you ever are in the mood to experiment new cuisine with someone, I’m your girl.

On the way back from lunch, Willie drove us through some of the highlands of Barbados. There are eleven different parishes here on the island, each of them having something unique. We heard about a man named John Springer who lives in the highlands and makes his own clay right from the earth or Barbados clay. He uses this clay to make his very own work which included mugs, jars, candle decorations, and pitchers. He also does private work -- for those who can afford it. His work is beautiful! I bought a pitcher which I fell in love with at first sight. I think this a is a lovely souvenir to take home, use and tell a story about when using it. Coming down from the highlands after we stopped at John's place, we passed by the coast, saw many rolling hills, and thick forest. All so beautiful and difficult to place in words. Bathsheba Beach is one of the beaches we pass on our way down from the highlands. This is a place where surfers usually congregate, the locals go for picnics and where many stop for a local banks beer at one of the roadside cafe's. If you're looking for something more local and away from large crowds of tourists while you visit Barbados, this is a nice change of pace and I would encourage you to come. Expect to get lost if you rent a car, though. The Bajan street signs, er lack of them, will not help you too much. This just adds to the adventure.

Today was yet another gift. Tomorrow we’ll go sailing on a catamaran. I’m looking forward to buoyant times :)


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