Sunday, September 12, 2010

6 Months Already

I cannot believe that I have been working at the Westin for six months this September. Time has passed by rapidly and I still feel as if I just began. There have been many changes in this last month, which are beneficial to me. I've been given the coveted hours of working Monday through Friday, 7am to 3:30pm. It beats rush hour, I get to see friends and family more often and weekends off are hardly something to complain about. There are at least four new faces to the front office staff, replacing some older employees who have received promotions, and the front office management is always looking for new employees. The sales department has experienced an almost complete turnover and I now feel like a seasoned veteran.

But along with new staff members, new hours, the same wool/polyseter blend, green suit as my uniform and the six month mark having approached, I still wonder what is next. Having chosen not to work in the field of social work for now has been life changing in a sometimes not so welcomed way. I feel as if I don't have the answers, and the questions what should I pursue next leave me feeling confused. I have many interests, and many things bring me joy; having invested nearly all who I was in college into the field of social work and now not making this my vocation leaves me no place to turn but God. I continue to invest in my job because that is where I am now, and I continue to invest in myself, learning more about who I am and my other strengths beside social work. It has been a joy and it has been hard.

Let's not be discouraged when we are unsure of what is next. Let us continue to do with all our might our work as if unto the Lord.


  1. amen.

    yes, and amen.

    I come home mid-oct from SA. Lets try and schedule a time to meet up.
    He is crafting something beautiful in you. I love that you are seeing and being stretched. He loves you in this moment. Savor it. You are loved.

  2. I think we never stop asking, "What next?"
    I'm in Indonesia, using the knowledge that I gained in college and part of me is still asking, "What next?" This year will go by so fast and I know soon I'll have to be looking for a job again. It makes me think about what life is about if not 50% being where we are and 50% asking, what's next? I think honestly that's something that makes me fear heaven, because I've been asking "What's next?" for my whole life and the question has become part of life and what it means to live. Not asking that in heaven will be weird.
    Continue to embrace life and the present and keep hoping for the future. We are young young young and always learning and growing skills for the future, wherever we are, whatever we're doing. There is purpose in our present work. :)
    Love love love you!