Sunday, December 5, 2010

Short is More

Turning a classic into an obsession. I'm talking about coffee and sweet drinks that local coffee shops sell. We love them. They taste so great and keep us coming back for more. Coffee shops have us hooked, right where they want us, and the country in excess we call the United States is practically married to these delicious treats. We have forgotten how to taste and how to be satisfied because we are always welcome to more and more is readily accessible. Well, did you know that there was once a time more was not always available? Our local, yet far removed, neighborhood coffee shop called Starbucks has a history of Less is More.

People in other countries who order a coffee from a local cafe will expect to receive a small 8oz or less cup of purely, fresh brewed coffee and sip on it for a while over conversation, or at the dinner table for dessert or to warm them up in the morning. They know how to taste and respect where the food came from. We have lost that in the United States because we just want more more more more. Starbucks, in its beginnings, had only two sizes called the Short and the Tall. The Tall was created for America to please their excess loving, and has since booted the Short off the charts to make way for the Grande and the Venti. BUT... the Short is still available. It's less expensive and is just enough to enjoy without taking the "sip that pushed you over the edge."

So next time you go to Starbucks, ask for a short. Learn to enjoy without being excessive. Another Canadian coffee compnay called J.J. Bean also offers this size. I do think that J.J. Bean roasts better coffee, but it is not yet in the States. I hope someday it will be, and I hope they stick to their short size, not conforming to excessive standards we have created.

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  1. This is so great! I didn't know they had a "Short"!
    And you're right... When I was in Portugal I would order a coffee and what would come? An espresso in a tiny tiny glass. I loved it and it was enough for an hour of conversation, when you add to it a little (and I mean little!) pastry. Sometimes if I was in a mood for something a little more substantial I'd get a "cafe com leite", and it would be about half the size of a starbucks "tall".
    I miss that. I miss TASTING the coffee, not just inhaling it, barely tasting the actual coffee - drowned out by a ton of milk, sugar, syrup, whip cream, and whatever else they put in drinks these days.
    Thanks for reminding me why I love coffee. :) And how much I miss it here in indo!