Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Not-So-Far-Away Backyard, NYC

A "Not So Far Away Backyard" is what I think of NYC. It's not just any city, it's The City. A city of lights, one that never sleeps and is layed out like a beautifully orchestrated maze of wonder and surprise. There is more to NYC than Times Square and your kichy coffee shop or Hardrock cafe. If you're one who lives to eat, as I am, you'll appreciate the city for it's fine cuisine at an array of prices. Eating for triple digits a plate is quite available, but so are the single and double digit prices, just as delectable.

In the Month of November, several of my dear friends from College and I went to NYC for an evening. The train is readily accessable from my house to get to NYC Penn Station, and for me, the moment I set foot on that train, it's as if a small adventure is always beginning. Because of the perks of working at a hotel, we got a discounted rate at Marriott in Times Square for the night. Floor 2030 provided nothing short of an incredible view of the city that never sleeps (we were thankful for blackout drapes). People bustling about, coming from all over the world just to enjoy The City.

Our plan was to enjoy each other's company to the fullest. Larinda is from Michigan, Alyssa from Penn and Kena and I from NJ. Not easy distances to live from dear friends, but I will say being apart makes these friendships deeper. Larinda and Kena spent the earlier part of the day waiting in line for Broadway Musical Tickets at the TKTS booth. Jersey boys was our #1 choice, but being too expensive we chose the Musical Rock of Ages. We ate a light dinner (mostly pita bread and salsa, bananas and apples -- a lot of it) then got dressed and ready to see our show. We sang, we cheered, we laughed till we teared all in our discounted orchestra seats. They served us drinks and snacks, amenities that just added to the night being special, or should I say strange. It was a fun, yet strange musical.

After the show Dan the Man met up with us at the Sugar Diner (or some kind of similar name). Originally we planned to go out for dinner, but once we sat down at the diner for coffee, we decided to browse the menu and avoid more traveling just for tasty bite. Nothing beats a Jersey Diner, but this just might have. You win this one NYC -- NYC 1:NJ 478,895,214,364,45.... ;). After a hearty sandwich and soup, we all went for a little dancing. This filled us with laughter and gave us some silly stories.

Come Saturday, after a night on the town, we slept in till 11 and met Dan for brunch at 1:00pm. Hardly brunch, but our stomachs and sleepy bodies thought nothing else would suffice. Brunch was enjoyed around the Upper West Side at a little cafe; we all ordered the same plate, poached eggs, because they just looked so great. Not one of us was dissapointed with this predicament. To end our escapade we toured the Upper West Side and filled each others hearts with time. I must say I am blessed with these friends.

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